Shealan Anderson

BSc (hons) PT


I grew up in Dawson Creek and was involved in sport from a young age. I was exposed to physio early on and always had a keen interest in the human body, kinesiology, nutrition and the energy systems. I have been practicing physio for 8 years and have grown as a practitioner over the years at DEEP. I dove into a multitude of courses, expanding my knowledge of human movement and the energy system. I subscribe to the idea that everything is interconnected. It’s not a one size fits all kind of world and I look to find the hidden culprits of what’s causing long term chronic pain and illness. I fell into the practice of Acutonics 3 years ago and have been loving the program. It has allowed me to incorporate Chinese medicine into my practice with the use of tuning forks versus needles. Sound and music is an important part of my life and I love that I can incorporate it into my sessions. I aspire to teach people how to live a more balanced life in all areas: from the physical to balancing their mental, emotional and energetic systems. Mindfulness and awareness of our behaviours, habits and subconscious reactions can help to create optimal health and movement. I love my time off spent with friends and family, camping, rock climbing, reading, cooking and anything music.

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