James Wang

Massage Therapist – AB RMT

Massage Therapist

My name is James Wang, I am an Alberta Registered Massage Therapist. Since 2017, I was previously working full time as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Alberta after graduating my advanced massage therapy program 3,000 hours of training experience at Makami College. I am fully trained and passed the Reeves College of Traditional Chinese style massage program, the Acupressure Tui-Na, Cupping, Guasha Techniques as well.

I specialize in Therapeutic and relaxation style massage,; using many different massage techniques including: deep tissue, Swedish style, therapeutic massage, pre-natal massage, hot stone and dynamic cupping style massage, Chinese style Acupressure Tui-Na massage, Cupping, and Guasha Techniques.

I am passionate about always learning and growing my knowledge in treating, helping clients to give them the best treatment to maintain their quality of life. I strive to give clients a relaxing atmosphere to facilitate an overall healing experience.

I have always had a passion for maintaining good health and promoting wellness in others, and I always look forward to seeing a smiling face after each session of massage; especially those who works office jobs, labor jobs or accident after the tightness muscles and pain in neck, shoulders, lower back, legs.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to the best of my abilities.

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